Briana Cribeyer

Briana was born under the full moon in the Midwest of the United States as the youngest daughter of a high priestess. She grew up eavesdropping on the creation of rituals and ceremonies of the sacred, while at the same time eschewing the mundane trappings of teen years and instead talking to both flora and fauna and listening intently to their wisdom. Years later, fleeing the Midwest, she found freedom, fulfillment and purpose as she explored the beauty and diversity of Mother Earth and her children. Briana’s travels have taken her across South America, Japan, Colorado, New Hampshire, Washington and in that time, she absorbed the ways of the elders, and began to craft her connection back to the mother and womb medicine through movement, prayer, and shamanic practice.

Beginning her career in social services and education, leading to non-profit management, Briana wove the thread of a desire to serve throughout each step along her path. She sees all of her past career as energy work, supporting individuals and groups to find their own power to heal. With degrees in Sociology (focus on Race, Culture, Power), Sexual Behavior, as well as Natural Resources (focus on sustainability), Briana brings humility of leadership and objectivity to board rooms, corporate offices, private sessions with couples, and family mediating alike. Her true happy place is in facilitation and workshop creation that has been a constant for the past 15 years.

She is the co-founder of Sacred Sexuality Rising, a lead trainer for Intuitive Tantra, speaker and facilitator for The Ohio State University on the topic of sacred sexuality, and Executive Director of the Columbus Coalition of Sexuality.

Briana can most often be felt in her ecstatic joy, grinning ear to ear, channeling her maiden that loves to jump in puddles, and her priestess who gathers the energy and sends it whirling to create alchemy all around. She believes that deep and radical love, coupled with ownership and self-responsibility will shift the trajectory of humans on the planet.

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