Practical Information

All you need to know for the Festival

Covid-19 Update

With the recent spike in COVID cases across the US we have elected to implement a few protocols to protect our community. All festival attendees festival must provide ONE of the following: – proof of Vaccination – a negative COVID test no more than 72 hours old – an onsite Rapid Antigen Test ($30) supplying a negative result – proof of recovery from COVIDWe take the health and safety of our community (and the general public) very seriously.

Covid Refund Policy

We are so grateful for those who have been understanding with us re our previous festival and chose to allow us to carry forward their tickets for this year. This allowed us to also let CTT keep our deposit which has supported both our event and their venue to stay afloat. We hope it does not come to such a decision again, however if we must postpone our first request will be to carry forward your ticket to next year. If you are in need, we will refund, less the bank and processing fees. It is very unfortunate but banks are keeping their fees even with covid refunds, so we would pass this on but refund the balance if necessary. Non-Covid related refunds revert to the standard policy allowing ticket resale.

When and Where:

The East Coast Tantra Festival is open for normal entry from 11am on Wednesday August 4th until 10am on the Sunday 8th |ugust 2021. The festival will officialy begin with a Special Opening Ceremony at 5.30pm on the 4th. It is also possible to arrive a day early from 4pm on the 3rd to allow extra time to settle in – pre-festival workshops and events will be offered during this time.

The festival is held at the Camp Timber Trails in Western Mass – 1266 E Otis Rd, Tolland, MA 01034.

Early Entry Camping Ticket is $626 per person – arrive early on the 3rd from 4pm – fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 4th.

Early Entry Dormitory Ticket is $665 per person – arrive early on the 3rd from 4pm – fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 4th.

Camping Ticket is $554 per person – fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 4th.

Dormitory Ticket is $603 per person – fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 4th.

There will be pre-festival workshops and events during the early entry time, RVs are welcome for camping tickects but there are no hookups available.


The “dorm rooms” are simple beds in cabin clusters. The property is a converted Girl Scout camp, so there are single beds set up in various cabins. We are offering them at 50% occupancy, thus a cabin with 8 beds will have 4 participants since adults take up more space! This way you can also put two beds together to form a double.

You will need to bring your own bedding. Each of the cabin clusters has a wash house with four toilets and 8 sinks (cold water only). Plus, there is one central shower house for all of the cabin clusters. It has 10 showers with hot and cold water

Organic Food

Eating together is part of the festival, tickets are fully inclusive of 3 meals a day, from when your ticket starts until Lunch on the 8th. All our meals are Organic and Vegetarian and prepared with love – if you have any special dietary requirements please let us know in the additional information on the booking form.

This is a drug and alcohol-free event!

Note: please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to set up your tent and register so you are there in time. We understand if some people need to arrive on the Friday due to work commitments, however we really encourage as many people as can make it from the beginning of the festival – this is unlike music festivals, we are taking you on a personal journey where you are encouraged to meet and connect with others and this will happen easier and deeper if you can be there from the start. The festival finishes with a closing ceremony at 10am on Sunday the 8th August and participants must be off the festival grounds at this time

Note there is no wifi on the property, however cellular service is available for AT&T and Verizon…and we strongly encourage you as much as possible give yourself the gift of “flight mode” during these few days, so we can be in presence and community together!