Moti Zemelman

Moti Zemelman, MFA, began practicing Contact Improvisation 32 years ago. Over the past 24 years he has taught and performed across USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and Israel. In 2008-09 he taught as Professor of Dance at the Instituto NaciĆ³nal de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Over the last 10 years in his desire to integrate communication and intimacy skills in his life and teaching he has studied Non-violent communication, Tantra, Butoh, BDSM, Byron Katie’s “The Work” and most recently Betty Martin’s “Wheel of Consent”. Moti has been both a teacher and a board member at Earthdance Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA where he currently directs the Touch&Play Festival ( Additionally he is a featured dancer in Sanford Lewis’ documentary film about CI “An Intimate Dance.” (Video Clip from Film – ) He also designs and moderates the international Contact Improv resource website

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