Kat Fleming

Kat Fleming has a mission to help humans activate, nourish, and enrich their mind, body, and spirit. Her vision is to optimize the condition of people and the planet, to foster multidimensional connection, and potentiate a beautiful collective experience. This mission is carried out by offering fun, accessible, and powerful healing arts, including Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, and Personal Development. Whether it be a playful satsang or informative workshop, Kat’s teaching style fuses traditional, neo, east, and west practices to bring students a holistic, potent, and integrative Tantric experience.

Her passion lies in helping people expand their heart and mind, cultivate presence, and develop their own practice, so that they can weave the power of Tantra and Prana into their daily lives.

Kat has a degree in Health, Wellness, and Psychology, 200 hours of certification in Yoga and 500 hours in Kundalini Tantra, plus multiple years experience in teaching, leading workshops, and hosting retreats.


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