Amaku is a rare Tantra teacher, workshop facilitator and Tantric healer as well as a puja ritualist and artist who shares tantric teachings and supports holistic healing and evolution using the principles, practices and spiritual technologies found within the path of Tantra.

A Kashmiri Shaivist initiate, Amaku has traveled to India, Thailand and other areas in the world, far from her native Nigeria and homebase in Brooklyn, New York to study the revolutionary teachings of Tantra and immerse herself in Tantra’s spiritual culture. In addition to her studies in Tantra, Amaku has a diverse science background and has studied many wisdom traditions, sciences and modalities including nutrition, ayurveda, kinesiology and traditional alchemy.

A Tantrika on the artist’s path, Amaku is also a professional dancer, designer and creative director who engages in the creation of art as a vital spiritual practice. Currently, Amaku is traveling the world creating art, teaching dance and sharing the wisdom and techniques of tantric meditation and other fundamental teachings and practices from the Highest Tantra.

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